I know there are a lot of YOU wanting to make money from home with a legitimate company. True… there are a lot of scams out there, which make false promises or want you to put money up front first. I am letting you know about work at home opportunities that you can do that I have found to be legit and I have been paid for them. To navigate throughout this blog - take a look at the left hand side. Check out the Labels list to click to what you want to read about on this blog. I have also listed immediate sign up links under Free Opportunities and Work at Home Business.

I will be adding more sites with info on how you can make money along with tips and tricks, advice and motivators. Check back often....have a wonderful day and good luck.

FREE social Networking -Get Paid to Network,

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

How Does YUWIE work?

Join YUWIE - It's a free social networking site (like here)the difference is - you get paid to do it. here's how it works (advertise your existing business on here in your profile for free)

Build your profile on Yuwie. – – click here to sign up here for free

First thing to do is fill out your profile. Upload a photo and fill out your bio and interests. Change your layout by selecting the layout tab above, preview and pick the one you like...then move on to the next important step. The way to make money on Yuwie is the exact same way to make money in other network marketing companies. You make money by building a downline organization who internally consume the product. In Yuwie's case, it is much easier because it's totally free to join and the product is page views. Everyone building a Yuwie business internally gets their page views. Keep Yuwie simple and share it with your friends and contacts. You will want to find 5 people who see the big picture that Yuwie offers. You have the whole world to find these 5 people and I will even give you some links to find them and the tools to help you.Since Yuwie is free, you are giving people a free website and a free opportunity. They will thank you for it. How long will it take you to find 5 serious people? This isn't a race. If it takes you months to find your 5, that is perfectly okay. Once your referrals start to come on board, you will want to build a relationship with them. You will want to be there to welcome them, get them started and follow up with them. You will want to send them a getting started letter just like the one you are reading.The big key is in the follow-up!If you will do that, you will eventually earn a five figure monthly income from Yuwie.If you don't try to sponsor people, just have fun socializing, because you are not going to make a huge income. Whatever you desire, you can have with Yuwie.Look at what happens if you follow a simple plan. If everyone in your downline is taught to recruit five people and to teach those five to get five and teach their five to repeat the process, this is what your organization looks like down ten levels.You
Level 1: 5 referrals

Level 2: 25 referrals
Level 3: 125 referrals
Level 4: 625 referrals
Level 5: 3125 referrals
Level 6: 15625 referrals
Level 7: 78125 referrals
Level 8: 390625 referrals
Level 9: 1953125 referrals
Level 10: 9765625 referrals
Total: 12,207,030 referrals

Look at the page impressions for level 10. That's the level where the big money is. If each person on the tenth level has just one page view a day, thirty page views a month. That's over 292 million page views per month.If the Revenue Sharing Rate is $0.50 for the month for every one thousand page views, then your commission on just the tenth level is given as:$0.50 x 292968750 divided by 1000 x 30 divided by 100 = $43,945.32You're making over $43,000 a month on your tenth level alone having done nothing but sponsor five people who are going to do the same thing you did. Can you imagine what your income would be if everyone gets a 1000 page views? Personally I am doing over 10,000 page views a month, talking to my team and socializing (having fun!)Click here to sign up click YUWIE Email me and invite me as a friend so I can keep in touch with you and help you get your 5 referrals.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Online Advertising

Click Online advertising (above) for a free way to advertise your sites


blogarama - the blog directory

Global Domains International

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

SpiderWeb Marketing System

Ok.. everyone... I found the mother of all mothers!! In efforts to trying to set up GPT sites and get referrals.. I found this awesome system.. and better yet!! It's free... FREE - I said. Check this out - The spiderweb system helps you set up 22 different streams of income. They walk you through 22 different ways you can make money, they explain how it works, why it works and what you should do. It's automated and they show you ways to get traffic to your site.

This is awesome because you can pick and choose which ones you want to do... there are only a couple that will cost you a teeny-tiny amount of money & the rest are FREE! OK? and they will explain all of that to you.

They have a awesome video tutorial set up where it's showing you how to set up each and every account for your streams of income. If you skip one stream.. you can come back later and add it.

At first it looked intimidating to me and I was kinda skeptical.. but after checking it out and realizing that there isn't a risk I took it and ran with it. It all makes sense now - you will see too!

It does take some time to start, they have recorded videos that tell you all about it. If you get stuck and want help, you can contact me and I will personally help you get started.

They have lots of support and a good forum with lots of pointers and help topics. Plus remember you will have access to me and your upline to help out.

Once you get it going -the automation features take it on and your workload lessens... unlike the GPT sites where you constantly have to advertise or talk to people to try to get them to do it.
Click here to sign up

Do you have your own world-wide-web yet?
I'll post more later

Here's some answers to questions that you might have:

Answers to common questions.

What do we offer/what's included?
The SpiderWeb System is designed to help grow your business. The system utilizes various tools on the internet to grow your network and to build passive income streams for you. The system itself is completely free and gives you access to step-by-step videos that don't just tell you what to do but walk you through the process of building your own world wide web that builds your network and grows your business. You also get access to your own automated blog as well as a personalized landing page that brands you as the leader. Again, it is all 100% free. No obligation. Decide what works for you and learn how to maximize your productivity online.

How much does it cost?
The system itself is completely free and gives you access to step-by-step videos that don't just tell you what to do but walk you through the process of building your own world wide web that builds your network and grows your business. The proprietary system plugs you and your leads into various streams of income that pay you while your network and business grows. All 100% hands free without you ever having to talk to anyone about any of the streams of income. You also get access to your own automated blog as well as a personalized landing page that brands you as the leader. Again, it is all 100% free. No obligation. Decide what works for you and learn how to maximize your productivity online.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Get paid to Social Network (NO COST)

Do You like social networking? Like Myspace... probably the most popular social networking site of them all. If you have a myspace page...then you are social networking for no pay. Zenzuu.com is paying for you to do the same exact thing. It is fairly new so the sooner you get in, the more easy money you will be making. Remeber.. it's completely free...click here ..sign up... let all your friends know... build a profile.... That's all I have for now. Check it out.

More Free Opportunities


This site has 100% free cash offers
They also pay you to take surveys and play games and read emails.
They offer shopping discounts and discounts on insurance...
They have a referral program that pays you 10% on your qualified referrals.

There is a $5.00 sign up bonus... click the banner to sign up. Check back here often for tips and tricks I will be posting. Let's go make money$$$ !!

Monday, June 16, 2008

You Don't Have to get Referrals

I want you to know that if you don't like the "referring" part of doing something to make money.. that you don't have to! Just don't refer anyone, fill out the surveys, check out the offers. You will make money - check out the bonuses and the promos that they offer

Here's a Tip
If you're really organized and plan to work it to the extent you can make more money by filling out the ones that offer free trials then after some time they would start billing you.. before your free trial is over just cancel it. Those pay more $$. If you were to do those, and you knew you didn't want to get charged..then sign up for them and then set reminders on your calendar ...(most emails have a calendar in them) put the phone number or how you're supposed to cancel in your reminder so it's easy to do on that particular day.


You can make money all by yourself on GPT sites by filling out the surveys - but to increase your income by hundreds, you should begin getting referrals... Referrals are people who you recruit to join a GPT site and they become part of your downline. I've seen people earning a couple thousand dollars a month who have built up their downline.

In order to get a huge downline, you're going to have to advertise your links. Here are some suggestions for advertising:

1) email everyone in your address book
2) call everyone in your phone book
3) make flyers and pass them out at high school functions, colleges, churches grocery stores, or post them in laundry mats, and other places you find you can solicit.
4) mail out flyers or postcards
5) join chat rooms and talk about easy free ways to make money (be sure to have your links in your signatures)
6) make a blog or website
7) put your links and brief ads in your signature for email
8) Make up simple business cards and hand them out or place them in businesses where there are other business cards
9) Write your link on money like: I made this money for free online check out http://www.makinmoney-fromhome.blogspot.com
10) Advertise on your car with car magnets